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We Needed to Find a New Doctor

Before we moved to California, we had four different family doctors for our family. We had a pediatrician for our two youngest childre, another doctor for our two teens, and then my husband and I each had our own primary care physicans. I was actually dreading the day I would need to start finding doctors for our family once we got settled in, but it turned out to be very easy. I did a search for Rocklin family medicine providers first, so I could have a list to work from as I looked at the different needs our family has.

When I looked at Turnure Medical Group, I knew that I had found a practice that we could all use. They see people of all ages, and they also see men as well as women. I looked at a lot of reviews because this was not something that I take lightly. My husband has diabetes, and I have a family history of breast cancer. That means that our children have risk factors against them already, so I wanted to make sure that whatever doctors we use are going to be the best for what conditions we have now and could possibly have in the future.

All of the reviews that I read were very encouraging, and I was excited that we would all be able to use the same doctor for the first time ever. I made an appointment for all six of us throughout the month because doing it all on one day would just be too hard to plan out. When all of us had finally seen the doctor, I knew that we were going to be happy with this practice. Hopefully none of our kids develop diabetes, and hopefully breast cancer is not going to be in our future, but I feel confident with the medical team we have if those things do happen.

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