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The Car is Always Like Brand New

I started using mobile auto detailing in Reno City about six months after starting a job as a driver for a well known internet company, and it’s really the best decision I could have made. I intuited very early on that making my car look like new might lead to repeat business from my customers. In this field I noticed that most drivers don’t really pay attention to the finer details with their vehicle. No one wants to call for a ride and get into a filthy car. So cleaning it up just makes sense financially.

The problem is that at first I tried to maintain the vehicle myself and that turned out to be quite difficult considering I work another job in conjunction with this one. That meant that I simply didn’t have the time most days to keep everything cleaned up. I went online looking for a solution and quickly discovered a company that really knows the ins and outs of detailing a car. Really, they do a spectacular job and it’s always done quickly and efficiently so I’m not waiting around for the vehicle and wasting my precious time when I’m not working.

I signed up for The Monthly Express, which is a monthly maintenance package that includes inside and out cleaning. That means I’ve only got to give the interior a quick once over after dropping off a passenger while I clean leave the serious cleaning to the detailing company. It’s working out great and I’ve noticed a lot of comments about how clean the car is from various passengers. Several of them make it a point to only call me when they need a lift somewhere, so now I’m getting repeat business and my wages have gone through the roof. I’m so glad I made the decision to use this detailing company.

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