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My Phone Needed to Be Fixed

If you would have asked me when smartphones first came out if I would ever have one, I would have said no. I did not need a phone to take pictures, text, look on the internet, play games, do social media, and everything else one does. I just needed it to make phone calls. Well, my son bought me one for my birthday, and I can’t imagine myself without one now. They are just so much fun! I ended up breaking it though, so my son did an online search for anyplace that does cell phone repair in Richmond.

I asked him why we were not just taking it back to the phone store to be fixed, and I understood when he told me the prices that they would charge. He said that there are other technicians who can do the same kind of work to fix a phone but will not charge nearly as much. I am always one to look for the best bargain, so I decided to go ahead and help him with this research. I am the one who found i-Rite, a phone repair service not far from me.

My son offered to take it to be fixed, but I take responsibility when it is my fault. I am the one who broke it, so I figured it should be my time and money that gets it fixed again. I-Rite did not cost me much of either though, to be honest. They had my phone screen replaced in about 20 minutes, and it only took that long because I was not the first customer in line there. I am glad that it did not take much to get it fixed because I really did not want to be without it. I had a video chat later that night that I did not want to miss, and i-Rite made it possible for me to carry on with it as planned!

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