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Interesting Dinner Conversations Are Pricless

My friends and I were finally having a night out without the kids or our husbands and kids and I thought we were really going to lay back but we really couldn’t. We were having so much fun with our friends and we talked about weird stuff like where we went to college and how we met our college friends which were our crew back in the day. I really liked hearing about how my friend sells rugs in Culver City and how many of our friends have bought their rugs from her, not knowing that she owned the entire store as it was left to her by her parents. Her parents had the store given to them by her grandfather, her dad’s dad, and they had three generations in the same store. I think that it is really cool that she can also say that they have had people in Asia weaving rugs for them in the same way, generation after generation.

Before I could tell my friends about my daughter applying to college and what a nightmare it had been, I really had to make sure that I told them the entire story because they could not believe what I was about to tell them. They both have younger kids and I really did not know if they were going to be able to handle what I was about to tell them. My mom and my friends were talking about the different ways that we could actually go and talk with her about saving money on her new home’s rugs because she wanted to upgrade and I knew that she would help my mom out. I think that it’s great to have friends you can count on to help you with the small things in life because it is comforting to know people always have your back.

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