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Everyone Isn’t Made for College

I grew up in a house where out of the three kids, I was the one who was expected to go to college and get a degree. My dad was sure that I was going to be the one that was going to make something of herself. While I stumbled a lot in college, I actually had a great time. I knew my son was not going to be the one to go to college so I told him to find a collision estimator training course where he would be able to go and get a job with that great piece of paper that he would get from the completion of the course. I showed him that there were actually courses online where he would be able to get the certificate that would most likely help him to get into the local insurance company that always seems to have a lot of jobs available online.

My cousin told me that his insurance company would be able to hire my son once he was done with the program. I was talking to my cousin when he told me this and my son looked at me like he could not believe what he was hearing like I was. Before I could say anything, I looked at my son and he looked like he was going to say something so I asked him what was going through his mind. He told me that he could see his whole future just by hearing my cousin say that and he knew that he was going to want to live in a house where he grew up and stay at the same company for his entire life. I told him that rarely happens anymore but I hoped that he could live out his dreams and that he would be happy.

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