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December, 2019

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We Found a Place in the Suburbs

It was not like I found it on my own, the mother in law told us about it. Not coincidentally the place is about five minutes away from her house, in fact the kids would be able to find their way to her house through the woods. I looked at it on Google maps and the distance through the woods is about three fifths of a mile. If you had a good trail you could do it in a short time. T here does seem to be swampland in the way though. Right now I want to find security here, meaning we need someone to monitor a home security system. I can rig one up myself if that is the easiest thing to do. In fact I can appropriate most of the stuff you would need from the supply room at work if I really needed to. I wired all of that stuff up originally about six years ago and then we replaced all of it because the big shots wanted to write something off of the company taxes last year.

We have about thirty cameras and a bunch of sensors which really did not need to be removed, along with the control panel you use to monitor and control all of the things. Of course that is for watching over a huge place with three large buildings on almost ten acres, however it is all pretty much out of date. The house does need some security for a simple reason. The place sits behind a farm down a gravel road that is around three quarters of a mile long. A clever thief could figure out when everyone was gone and it would be possible for them to literally clean the place out with no one disturbing them. No one could see them back there.

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