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March, 2019

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We Needed to Find a New Doctor

Before we moved to California, we had four different family doctors for our family. We had a pediatrician for our two youngest childre, another doctor for our two teens, and then my husband and I each had our own primary care physicans. I was actually dreading the day I would need to start finding doctors for our family once we got settled in, but it turned out to be very easy. I did a search for Rocklin family medicine providers first, so I could have a list to work from as I looked at the different needs our family has.

When I looked at Turnure Medical Group, I knew that I had found a practice that we could all use. They see people of all ages, and they also see men as well as women. I looked at a lot of reviews because this was not something that I take lightly. My husband has diabetes, and I have a family history of breast cancer. Read More

Everyone Isn’t Made for College

I grew up in a house where out of the three kids, I was the one who was expected to go to college and get a degree. My dad was sure that I was going to be the one that was going to make something of herself. While I stumbled a lot in college, I actually had a great time. I knew my son was not going to be the one to go to college so I told him to find a collision estimator training course where he would be able to go and get a job with that great piece of paper that he would get from the completion of the course. Read More

Interesting Dinner Conversations Are Pricless

My friends and I were finally having a night out without the kids or our husbands and kids and I thought we were really going to lay back but we really couldn’t. We were having so much fun with our friends and we talked about weird stuff like where we went to college and how we met our college friends which were our crew back in the day. I really liked hearing about how my friend sells rugs in Culver City and how many of our friends have bought their rugs from her, not knowing that she owned the entire store as it was left to her by her parents. Her parents had the store given to them by her grandfather, her dad’s dad, and they had three generations in the same store. Read More

Roots Are the Most Painful

My friend was telling me that her tooth was hurting her and she said that she thought it was a cavity that was not filled. I told her that she should call her dentist but she said that she did not have the money. I knew that finding a family dentist in Roseville CA where she lives is going to be easy because of the internet. My friend just moved to the West Coast from the East Coast and she told me that she was not sure if she was going to be able to find someone to go and see. I told her that I could even find her a dentist from the East Coast by using a third party to find reviews in order to find someone that she could get in and see so she could finally be out of the pain that she was feeling.

I could not imagine being in the type of pain that she was in. She told me that it felt like she was getting stabbed by a huge knife in the side of her face. I knew that it was not going to be good for her to go and find a general dentist without knowing what other people had to say about him or her. I know that there are people that may go online to get paid to leave a review so I was going to look for someone that had a range of reviews to see the type of things that people were saying about them specifically. If there was a problem, I was looking to see how people say the dentist or the office handled the problem. That is something that could tell you a lot about a business, by the way unhappy people speak about them.

My Phone Needed to Be Fixed

If you would have asked me when smartphones first came out if I would ever have one, I would have said no. I did not need a phone to take pictures, text, look on the internet, play games, do social media, and everything else one does. I just needed it to make phone calls. Well, my son bought me one for my birthday, and I can’t imagine myself without one now. They are just so much fun! I ended up breaking it though, so my son did an online search for anyplace that does cell phone repair in Richmond.

I asked him why we were not just taking it back to the phone store to be fixed, and I understood when he told me the prices that they would charge. He said that there are other technicians who can do the same kind of work to fix a phone but will not charge nearly as much. I am always one to look for the best bargain, so I decided to go ahead and help him with this research. Read More

The Car is Always Like Brand New

I started using mobile auto detailing in Reno City about six months after starting a job as a driver for a well known internet company, and it’s really the best decision I could have made. I intuited very early on that making my car look like new might lead to repeat business from my customers. In this field I noticed that most drivers don’t really pay attention to the finer details with their vehicle. No one wants to call for a ride and get into a filthy car. So cleaning it up just makes sense financially.

The problem is that at first I tried to maintain the vehicle myself and that turned out to be quite difficult considering I work another job in conjunction with this one. Read More

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