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A Part Time Cleaner for My Condo

I needed help keeping my condo clean, but I am really funny about people being in my personal space. I knew that I had to do something about my condo though because I just did not have the time to give it the detailed cleaning that it needed. I decided to hire a part time cleaner in Singapore who would come in once every two weeks to do the heavy cleaning in my living room and kitchen. I knew that I would never feel comfortable having someone clean my bathroom or bedroom, so this was a nice compromise for me.

I already knew that I wanted to use Kleepers because I had heard so many good things about them from friends and work mates who also use them. I knew that I would be able to trust whoever came out because Kleepers does such a good job of vetting the people they hire. I also knew everything that the part time cleaner would do because there is a detailed list right on the Kleeper’s website that explains what is done in every room of the house. Since I wanted just the kitchen and bathroom done, it was an easy read.

For my kitchen, my part time cleaner cleans all of the exterior spaces of the cabinets, the counter tops, and even small appliances like my blender, coffee maker and microwave. She also polishes my dining room table, scours my sink, completely cleans the exterior of my stove and oven, and cleans the floors. For the living room, she dusts and wipes down the furniture and knick knacks, does the windows and dust boards, cleans the floor, and more. I am so happy with the work that she does that I am actually thinking of letting her do my bathroom soon. That might seem like a small task, which it is, but it is huge in the amount of trust I place upon her.

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