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My Son Was Given a Second Chance

When I got a call that I had to come pick my son up at the police station, I was shaking. I was very thankful he was alive and hadn’t hurt anyone, but I was also very angry that he had been so irresponsible. The police officer told me that he had run into three parked cars and was definitely over the legal limit. I knew that I needed to find a good DWI lawyer in Saratoga NY because this was something that could really hurt him. I knew that depending on the judge that he got, he could also serve jail time because they are cracking down on things like that around here.

One good thing was my son was definitely grieved over this. He realized that if he had not hit the parked cars, he may have hit one that had people in it. There is no telling what would have happened then, and he had definitely learned his lesson about having a few, or a lot, with the guys and feeling it was safe to drive since his home was only a few minutes from the bar they were all at.

I was able to secure a good lawyer for him, and he spent only one night in jail. That was as much for his protection as it was to protect the community as well. He was remorseful, and the judge was willing to work with him since he had never had any problems before. I give all the credit of that to the attorney that we hired, and I am just so happy that my son has sworn to never drink and drive again. Though he was fined and had to attend classes, he knows that he was given a second chance. I am just thankful it came at such a low cost!

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