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I Got the Dream Bathroom I Never Knew I Wanted

When my husband and I purchased an old farmhouse, we liked everything about it other than the bathrooms. There are two bathrooms here, and both looked like they were last renovated when the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Rock. We were able to get the house at a really great price, which meant that we had enough money left over to look for a company that does bathroom remodeling in Bergen County NJ. It did not take long for us to find the company that we wanted to use since we were able to look at pictures online of various jobs they have done.

The main bathroom just needed to be completely gutted and started from scratch. I thought that we would be able to keep a bit of the bathroom adjoining our room, but we decided to completely gut both of them once we saw not only the different things we could do from looking at the contractor’s portfolio but also the prices were more reasonable than what we expected too. I thought that the downstairs bathroom was going to be the one that had the biggest change, but it turns out that our private bath is the one that is jaw dropping amazing.

I thought that we would end up just getting a tub that has a nice shower attachment, but we went all out since this was to be our own private bath. We knocked out the wall on the other side of the bathroom, making it a fairly large room in itself now. I have a really nice garden tub, my husband has a large shower that has a bench inside it, and we have a double vanity. We also have a very large linen closet, and it has become the dream bathroom that I never realized I wanted or needed. I would not change a thing about it now!

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